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The available GITTA content and how to access it

GITTA Introduction - Short information about GITTA and how to use it

Before you access termGITTA please read this introduction if you didn't take the time to explore the complete About GITTA part. The most important points you have to know before you start working with GITTA:

  • You have to subscribe to the GITTA newsletter to get the full access link!
  • GITTA can be used, copied, distributed, adapted, updated etc. for non-commercial use free of charge. Please refer to the termcreative commons license for more information.
  • The whole course is divided into 6 modules each containing about 4 to 7 lessons in a basic and intermediate level. More...
  • Currently only the basic level is open to the public. The intermediate level will follow.
  • All materials are stored in termXML files and are transformed into XHTML or PDF using the termeLesson Markup Language.
  • Our partners import the lessons into their termlearning management system using either the termIMS Content Package or the termSCORM interface provided by eLML. This means that each partner only uses a selection of all available GITTA courses in the order of their choice.

Click on the red areas in the Flash below for an explanation of the several functions of the GITTA user interface presented. If you cannot see this Flash animation, please install the Adobe Flash Player.

Click on red areas to get more information about the GITTA layout elements
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