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GITTA - Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance

CURRENT ACTIVITIES (23.11.16): The world of teaching and learning is developing fast. The GITTA Association has decided that an update of all GITTA lessons is not feasible. However, we are currently extending the GITTA contents by developing specific smaller interactive learning "goodies", for example, animations or illustrations of processes and methods. Stay tuned as new content will be made available and please get in contact in case you want to help adding or updating GITTA contents.

GITTA (Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance) is a platform offering e-learning content as Open Educational Resources (OER). A pool of over 40 e-learning lessons covers the following thematic areas: GI Systems, Data Capture, Data Management, Spatial Modeling, Spatial Analysis, and Cartographic Presentation. Content is in large parts multi-lingual, with English, German, and French materials. Additionally 15 CartouCHe lessons on multimedia and internet cartography are available via GITTA website. You need only to subscribe to the GITTA newsletter to receive a full access link. Register now

GITTA content was originally developed by a consortium of ten institutes at seven Swiss universities and released as open content under the creative commons license. In 2008 GITTA was among the winners of the Medida Prix, the most important international award for new media didactics in Europe. Read more about the GITTA project…

GITTA is managed by an Association open to every active member or sponsor interested in using, developing or promoting GITTA materials. The statutes, membership fee, contact person etc. can be found here.

GITTA, as an open community, welcomes people who would like to help developing GITTA materials. In particular native speakers willing to translate lessons to additional commonly spoken languages are welcome as well as authors willing to contribute updated versions of existing lessons or a new content. If you want to contribute to the development of GITTA content, have a look here

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