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The GITTA Association

On November 16th, 2006 the association for promoting GITTA (in German "Förderverein") was founded at the Institute of Geography of the University of Bern. This new GITTA Association is open to every active member or sponsor interested in using, updating and/or promoting GITTA materials. The statutes, membership fee, contact person etc. can be found on this page.

The bylaws of the GITTA Association can be downloaded in German or in English. Consider that the English version is just a translation. Legal standard remains the German original. The minutes of the founders meeting are available in German only.

Steering committee

The steering committee consists of up to 7 persons elected by the general assembly for two years. The current committee consists of:

  • Susanne Bleisch, FHNW, president
  • Stéphane Joost, EPFL, secretary general / vice-president
  • Robert Weibel, UZH, treasurer
  • Monika Niederhuber, ETHZ, project coordinator
  • Oliver Ertz, HEIG-VD, special projects
  • Ronald Schenkel, ETHZ, special projects
  • Claude Collet, IGUF, permanent guest

Membership fee

Since 2007 you can become a member of the GITTA Association. We divide between active members (using the material and e.g. also updating the lessons) and passive sponsoring members (supporting the project). Furthermore there are memberships for individuals and for collectives like institutions or companies. The fees are:

Active individual CHF 50.-
Active collective CHF 200.-
Sponsoring individual At least CHF 50.-
Sponsoring collective At least CHF 300.-

Please contact the project coordinator if you are interested in a GITTA Association membership.

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