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Download GITTA lessons as IMS or SCORM CPs

Using GITTA lessons within a learning management software (LMS)

You can download any GITTA lessons as a termIMS Content Package or as a termSCORM Module from the "Modules Overview" page. These content package ZIP files are needed to import a GITTA lessons into a course hosted on a termlearning management system (LMS). Please note that all content package ZIP files contain the lesson in a plain (white) layout without title numeration. This is because usually the LMS provides both the layout and the chapter numeration. For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Installation remarks:

The exact installation procedures to import a IMS or SCORM package into your learning management system (LMS) is described in detail within your LMS manual. To give you an idea, we provide three short installation screenshot movies for the open source software termOLAT and for the commercial WebCT platform:

Please note that when importing a SCORM module into WebCT, the resulting error can be ignored. It appears because we referenced the SCORM schema by absolute URL (http://...) and not using relative paths. It works perfectly.

Important Terms:

A Learning Management System (or LMS) is a software package, usually on a large scale (that scale is decreasing rapidly), that enables the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students. Most LMS systems are web-based to facilitate "anytime, anywhere" access to learning content and administration. Some widely known open source LMS are OLAT and Moodle, famous commercial LMS are WebCT and Blackboard.
The IMS Global Learning Consortium (usually known as IMS) is a non-profit standards organization concerned with establishing interoperability for learning systems and learning content and the enterprise integration of these capabilities. Their mission is to "support the adoption and use of learning technology worldwide". Some famous IMS standards are the CP (Content Package) standard used to import/export of content, the "Learning Resource Meta-data Specification" (LOM) or the QTI standard for question and test interoperability.
The Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a standard for web-based e-learning. It defines how the individual instruction elements are combined on a technical level and sets conditions for the software needed for using the content. SCORM is distributed by the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, a US organization under the Department of Defense (DoD).
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