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Map Critics

Objective: Train your sensitivity to Layout Design.


Find a map or a map related illustration in a newspaper, leaflet, book, internet, etc. Prepare a well-designed written discussion taking the following into account: Present your discussion in 2-3 written DIN A4 page layout together with a digital version of your map example. The text should be clear, explicit and without spelling errors including the following information: Name, Date, Map reference/Source as well as the time you required. Your Course Leader will decide about the language to use (German/French/Italian/English). The questions below can be considered as a thread for your discussion:

  • Is the scale well chosen? Propose a better solution.
  • Are the map elements well positioned? How can you improve it?
  • Is the colour composition done well? How can you improve it?
  • Is the typography appropriate? Is there a reason for improvement ?
  • Have the readability rules been respected?
  • Can you find aspects to set-up an improved layout?


Submit your results (mail or printed) depending on the deadline your course leader conveyed to you.

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